Split Rail Fence

Split Rail Fence

Wood Privacy Fence is our most popular option in the Denver Area.

Cedar fences are known for their durability and resistance to insect attacks. Cedar wood will never bend or deform and will stay the same as you bought them, for many years to come. Chemicals are not what give cedar fences this strength but it’s the cedar oil in these fences make them naturally longer lasting. If you are looking for getting new fences and don’t want repairing and replacing them after short periods of time, then cedar fences are a great choice for you. You can choose from different ranges of color tones and designs, so that they suite your home at best.


There are advantages to cedar wood fencing that homeowners should consider.

  • Appearance
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Privacy
  • Increase in property value

Split Rail Fence FAQ's

Installation can take 3-4 days depending on the fence length, we usually try to install 100 ft per day on average depending on the difficulty of installation.

Cedar fencing is used in the Denver area due to its durability to our climate. A cedar fence can last up to 35 years depending on how much sun or water it gets from lawn sprinklers. Sun exposure and water exposure can shorten the life of a fence.

Using a natural clear fence stain is a great way to keep a fence looking brand new and also extending the life of a fence.